Three eighth-grade boys from Brooklyn, N.Y., have signed a contract with Sony Music that could potentially earn them $1.7 million over six albums.

So what have you done lately?

In today's piece of make-you-feel-unaccomplished news, the metal band Unlocking the Truth — comprised of guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, 13, bassist Alec Atkins, 13, and drummer Jarad Dawkins, 12 — has inked a deal that will give them an advance of $60,000 for a first album and possibly $350,000 for their second recording, reports the New York Daily News.

If Sony uses its option for another four additional records, the band stands to make a reported $1.7 million.

After being discovered in New York's Washington Square Park in 2012, they've toured around the region and have even landed gigs at Coachella and on the Vans Warped Tour.

And they're not stopping at just music. Tabatha Dawkins, Jarad's mother, told NYDN the boys also have a contract with Penguin to release a book about their rise, and they're also filming a documentary.

But, Dawkin told the newspaper, "School work comes first. If their school work is not done, they don't play."