In a letter to parents, leaders of IDEA Bluff Springs Charter School broke the sad news that a beloved receptionist tragically died.

They did not state how, but parents tell KVUE it happened at a crosswalk that wasn't working.

The walk/don't walk indicator, the part visible to pedestrians, was covered with tape and not working when our crews took this video Friday morning.

Several parents who have been fighting to get the light working since it was put up several months ago say one agency would refer them to the next, and then to another, that they couldn't get a straight answer.

Roberto Flores has three children at IDEA Bluff Springs.

"It took somebody to get hit for people to realize it. That shouldn't have happened. You know as a community you think if you call and complain somebody's gonna do something or somebody's gonna come out and fix something...I don't know how many people are paying attention to it now. It hasn't worked in a year so how many people are even paying attention to it."

KVUE's crew went out again Friday afternoon and found both components working.

Austin Energy officials tell us they flipped the switch to turn on the signals on Friday because this is the first time Travis County formally requested service at the location.

A member of the Travis County Transportation department did not return our calls Friday but previously said the county was waiting on Austin Energy to activate the lights.

DPS is investigating the accident. No word on the status of the driver of the car.