AUSTIN-- A scathing new report claims the state isn't doing enough to keep nursing home residents safe. It involves the Department of Aging and Disability Services, or DADS.

One of the Sunset Commissions biggest concerns include relaxed sanctions against bad nursing homes writing, Statutes hamstring DAD s ability to effectively protect clients, creating a regulatory touch so light the industry feels little consequence from committing repeat violations, including serious violations that can result in harm or even death.

The report comes a week after a KVUE Defenders investigation uncovered an increase in abuse inside Texas nursing homes.

Like the case caught on a hidden camera in Mills County last year. The state recommended terminating the nursing home's contract seven times for putting residents in danger.

One of many recommendations includes higher administrative penalties against bad nursing homes.

AARP in Austin agrees. That means that the penalties don t really serve as a deterrent in which the way they were intended, said Amanda Fredericksen of AARP Austin. The report also recommends closing several state supported living center one of those in Austin.

The Austin State Supported Living Center is located off West 35th Street near MOPAC, right next to Camp Mabry.

The report recommends closing the facility by Aug. 2017.

The facility is nearly 100 acres and home to 280 residents who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

It employs about 930 state workers.

A DADS spokesperson says not recommendations are not set in stone.

One thing to keep in mind is that these are just recommendations. These are not final decisions.

There is a still a process that have to go through, said Cecilia Cavuto of DADS spokesperson.

DADS plans to file a response in about two weeks. Lawmakers on the commission will make their recommendations in August.

Go here to visit the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission DADS review.