It wasn't your typical Friday night on Rainey Street. Bar hoppers shared the scene with protestors hopping mad over the owner of a bar accused of racist statements and actions.

It's a controversy centered around the bar Unbarlievable and its owner Brandon Cash.

Leaders of the rally took advantage of the large Friday night crowds to get out the message that hate won't be tolerated.

Thet say supporting Unbarlievable means you support the things it's owner Brandon Cash seems to be spreading on social media.

"As long as those two are together they are fundamentally intractable," said organizer Christian Rodriguez. "You can't have one without the other."

KVUE has confirmed the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission is investigating accusations of concerning imagery and language connected to Cash, such as a post accusing staff or arranging beers in the shape of a swastika.

Protestors have a list of demands: they want Unbarlievable to cut ties with Cash, for new owners to repair the damage the bar has done to the community, and for Cash to resolve his "oppressive mindsets and tendencies".

Protestor Nevin Kamath added, "One of the comments was a direct quote from Donald Trump and that speaks to I think a larger problem that we have in America, which is the legitimization of misogyny and a lot of other things which are just as bad."

But Cash may be changing his ways.

In a statement released Friday, he called his actions "deplorable" adding he is aware of the anger from the community and that he wants to "assure everyone that I have taken it to heart".

Rodriguez thinks it's a step in the right direction.

"Right now his responses are more measured," he added. "I think over time they're gonna be deeper, more authentic actions, towards remedying problems. That's my only hope."