In front of a room full of cameras, Mayor Steve Adler and Council Members Greg Casar and Delia Garza announced they filed briefings in the Senate Bill 4 lawsuit.

All three believe by forcing law enforcement to mandate detainers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the state has created a power that the Constitution provides only to the federal government.

The law which would allow police to question the immigration status of anyone being detained goes into effect Sept. 1. Adler, Casar, and Garza have been very vocal about their opposition to SB 4. Adler stated he expects the U.S Department of Justice may join in the SB4 lawsuit.

However, no pleadings have been filed.

But given President Trump's remarks and policies on immigration, Mayor Adler believes the DOJ will be in favor of SB 4. Garza says this latest action protects basic civil liberties.

“If you value family values, if you value hard work, if you value people that risk everything to better the lives of themselves and their families if you basically value the American Dream of prosperity you should be appalled by SB 4,” Garza said.

Supporters in favor of SB 4 say "The bill does not target or discriminate against illegal immigrants, in fact, this bill has no effect on illegal immigrants if they have not committed a crime or are hanging out with one that has.

Austin is joining San Antonio in the lawsuit and a federal judge will hear the case on June 26th in San Antonio.