Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed three bills from the Special Session into law Tuesday.

Governor Abbott signed House Bill 13 which requires additional reporting of complications from abortion procedures. Supporters say this ensures the state has the most accurate data on abortions but opponents argue other common procedures don't have to submit this type of reporting and the bill is intended to be an additional hoop, making it more cumbersome for doctors to perform abortions. HB13 goes into effect November 15.

The Governor also signed House Bill 214 into law. The bill prohibits general insurance policies from providing coverage of elective abortions, even in cases of rape. Abortions performed because the mother's life is at risk can still be covered. Insurance companies can instead offer supplemental policies to women. The bill goes into effect December 1st.

And Governor Abbott signed Senate Bill 6 into law Tuesday. It requires large cities to hold elections in areas they want to annex, letting those residents decide if they want to be in the city. The bill goes into effect December 1.

Out of the 20 items on Governor Abbott's Special Session Call, he's now signed bills on five of them.