Wednesday afternoon hundreds of women dressed in pink gathered outside the Texas capitol.

"When women's rights are under attack, what do we do," a speaker yelled from the podium.

"Stand up! Fight back," the crowd cheered in response.

In the crowd of hundreds, was a familiar face at the capitol building, former senator Wendy Davis.

"My path to this very place that I am standing today was made possible because Planned Parenthood provided low-cost health care to me, including contraceptive care," said Davis.

Davis gained national attention during the 2013 legislative session with a 13-hour filibuster on a controversial abortion bill.

"We are facing the worst political attacks on women's health in a generation," Davis told the crowd. 

She and Planned Parenthood supporters said bills filed in the legislature to target the organization and criminalize abortion will actually block access to health care and vital screenings for women, especially low-income and minority women.

PHOTOS | Hundreds rally for Planned Parenthood at Texas capitol

"We have seen women, people, suffering in the wake of callous decision makers who care more about scoring political points than they do about the lives of the very real women that they profess to care for," Davis said adding her former colleagues know what's at risk.

"It will deliver a devastating blow not just to our health but to our progress. And that's the point. That's why they're doing it. They are hell-bent on holding women back," Davis said. 

Staff with Planned Parenthood said more than 50 bills have been filed this session that concerns them. After the rally, the crowd went into the capitol building to talk with their lawmakers about those bills.