There's only a week left before election day and time is ticking to cast your ballot early.

This year poll workers expect a record number of voters. So, to alleviate headaches, Williamson County is offering two mobile voting sites that change locations each day.

"These poll workers are literally - they're almost a traveling circus so to speak - from site to site across the county,” said Elections Administrator Christopher Davis.

The office posts on social media where the sites will be. Davis said they pay to boost the posts to make sure voters know where they can go.

"We find a lot of those folks that live in those communities may not have a daily periodical but they do have Facebook groups," said Davis.

On Tuesday, the locations were at Granger City Hall and the ACC Cypress Creek Campus in Cedar Park.

Davis said one site is usually in a rural Williamson County community, while the other helps alleviate spots with higher voting foot traffic.

"We’re seeing some really positive numbers at these mobile voting sites,” said Davis.

Across all the polling sites in the county, voter turnout is much higher than in years past after just eight days of early voting,

To avoid long lines, the county also has an interactive website, with updates on wait times. It includes the 15 early voting sites, and two mobile spots. On election day, it will show all 61 polling locations.

"They can make decisions on where to vote before committing to a line,” said Davis.

The icons show green for zero to 15 minutes, yellow for 16 to 45 minutes and red for more than 46 minutes.

“A lot of people are busy,” said Davis.

That's why Davis says they're working to make it easy for you to vote.

You can find a schedule for the mobile voting sites here.