Travis County released the number of voters registered for the general election, with the total higher than 732,000 people.

Bruce Elfant, Travis County’s voter registrar and tax assessor-collector, said 92.32 percent of eligible voters have registered and can cast a ballot in the Nov. 8 presidential election. Elfant is reminding people to check their registration status before going to the polls.

“Make sure everything looks OK in the system before you go to vote,” Elfant said. “This is especially important for those who mailed their registrations in late.”

State law does not allow those who mailed in their voter applications with postmarks after Oct. 11 to vote in the election.

“What worries us is some folks may have dropped off their voter registrations late on Oct. 11 and failed to note that the U.S. Post Office would postmark them the following day,” Elfant said. “And, of course, there were others who clearly didn’t even fill their voter applications out until Oct. 12 or later.”

Voters who did register on time may not receive their voter registration cards before they head out to vote. Elfant’s office said this does not mean you cannot vote.

Early voting closes Nov. 4, and more than 300,000 Travis County residents (more than 40 percent) have already voted. Election Day is Nov. 8.