In a polarizing election cycle where many are on the fence about both major party tickets, some say third party candidates are finally getting a chance to shine.

Dozens of people welcomed Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein at her campaign stop at Terrazas Branch of the Austin Public Library on Monday afternoon.

Stein has been campaigning in Texas since Friday. The candidate campaigned in Houston, El Paso and San Antonio before her Austin events.

During her Monday afternoon event, Stein addressed issues those with disabilities face such as discrimination in the workplace. The event was organized in part by “Rev Up,” a coalition formed by the American Association of People with Disabilities.

"Our job as a society is to ensure everyone can live up to their human potential,” said Dr. Stein. “That we all have different ways to contribute and we all have different ways to enrich our communities."

Stein also spoke about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Monday evening Stein held a second rally at Huston-Tillotson University. She spoke with supporters about the environment, legalizing drugs and primarily about her opponents Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

"Democracy is not a question of who do we hate the most and who are we the most afraid of," Stein said to applause. "Democracy needs a moral compass. It needs a vision. It needs a set of values...We've got news for them. The big establishment candidates do not have a new form of entitlement called owning our votes. They have to win our votes and they have not won our votes."

According to a new Texas Tegna poll, Stein is polling at one percent in Texas. Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson is currently polling at three percent and just five percent of voters said they were still undecided.