There's no doubt you've seen or heard about Austin's traffic woes. Mayor Steve Adler hopes $720 million dollars from a bond package will fix the roadways and limit the problems.

But Hours before voters go to the polls, District 1 Council member Ora Houston, a life-long resident of East Austin, wants another plan on the drawing board.

Elected to office in 2014, Houston advocates for equal representation for her district. Houston outlined several reasons why she doesn't think Mayor Adler's plan will work in District 1. Houston believes the bond will make traffic worse.

" The way you get rid of congestion in my mind is that you take cars off the road. If you leave them outside the city and provide a way for communities to come into town, then the congestion lessens," Houston said.

On top of this Houston worries about the $5 a month tax hike, Adler says will happen if the bond passes.

" Some people are living by a thread, some elders and some people are living by a thread, any little incremental amount you put on them it's going to toss them over the edge," Houston said.

Houston says s rail system could solve traffic problems, but the bond package doesn't mention anything about a rail system.

For more information on the bond, go here.