Patrick Edmond of Plano is not the type to ask for help. That's a no-brainer, considering he walks 12 miles to work in McKinney from his home in Plano.

On Thursday Edmond got to see what goodness gets you. With the help of Jim Smith of 3E and Pat Lobb with Toyota of McKinney, Edmond was given a 2015 Toyota Corolla.

"I'm good, I'm blessed," Patrick, the man of few words, said.

WFAA first told you Patrick's story several weeks back when a McKinney police officer posted a picture on Facebook. It was of the two of them and it detailed how Edmond walked 12 miles to work and got a ride that day.

"Car don't make the person," Patrick told us several weeks back.

"He's inspired us all. He's helped us see our better human-selves," said Jim Smith of 3E, a nonprofit comprised of many of the city's churches.

Jim Smith helped put it all together, and Pat Lobb of Toyota McKinney put the car keys in Patrick's hand. Patrick drove the car off the dealership lot to where he works at Braums in McKinney.

"Very humbling, very humbling... something people need to experience," he said.

It's been a couple of years since Patrick has driven his own car, but he got comfortable with it very quickly.

"A feeling you never forget. It's like riding a bicycle," he laughed.

Patrick is not the type to complain. We could all learn a little something from Patrick: Do whatever it takes. In this case, do whatever it takes to get to work.

"It's not something I asked for, it just happened," Edmond said.