ROUNDROCK-- The owner of a pit bull mix is distraught and angry after Round Rock police shot and killed her dog on Saturday.

A neighbor who called police says the dog was aggressive and on the loose.

A memorial cross marks the spot where Ramona Garcia's two-year-old pit bull mix, Gotti was shot and killed in her yard.

We had Gotti since he was a puppy. He grew up around kids. He wouldn t have hurt anybody. Said Garcia.

She says she left to run an errand, leaving Gotti in his crate with the window open and screen intact.

He wouldn t have hurt anybody at all. He would have slobbered you. He would have got you covered in hair from loving on you. And he would have pushed you over with his wiggly butt, but he wouldn t have attacked anybody, Garcia said.

Police say the dog had pushed through the window screen while she was away and was acting aggressively.

Our officers arrived on the scene and the dog was still out on the front yard. He started barking at the officers, charging at them, said Commander Jim Stuart.

He says they called animal control and tried to wait for them to help catch the dog.

We did everything we possibly could to keep the animal at bay until then, but the animal charged one of the officers, and the officer at that point he has to do something to protect himself, said Commander Stuart.

Another neighbor says he saw police using a lawn chair to shield themselves from the dog. But says he didn't think they'd shoot.

The dog was not attacking him, or chasing them, or anything like that, he was in his yard, said Adrian Johns.

A friend from the dog park came out to console Garcia. Stacey Morehead brought along her dog Sassypants, who used to play with Gotti.

As a dog mom, if that were to happen to Sassy pants, my whole world would go, said Morehead.

He was young and he was a member of our family, Garcia said.

Police say they will conduct a full investigation of the shooting.