When Owen found out his neighbors in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania were displaced by a recent fire, he did what any 8-year-old probably wouldn't do: He held a lemonade stand to raise money for them.

Despite his efforts, thieves took the money Owen had raised for his neighbors, according to Pennsylvania State police. When troopers learned that -- on top of his thwarted attempt to help -- Owen wants to one day become a police officer, they decided to do something special for him.

In a video shared on PA State Police's Facebook page, Owen is seen standing near the sidewalk as squad cars from different police departments in the area slowly flood into the street. One by one the cars arrive, until squad cars line nearly the entirety of Owen's block.

After meeting with Owen, he's presented with an envelope of cash to make up for the theft as the officers thank him "for his outstanding citizenship."

Owen took a picture with the officers and even got a chance to wear the "big hat."

Since the video was shared to the PA State Police Facebook page Tuesday, the video has been viewed nearly 300,000 times.