COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Enjoying the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is the staple of many Americans daily routine, but experts say that the coffee industry is facing serious issues that could have a long term affect on how coffee is consumed.

The coffee industry attributes to the main source of income for nearly 100 million people worldwide. Researches at the Texas A&M Center for Coffee Research and Education believe it is vital to find alternative ways to sustain the growth of coffee beans.

"Arabica coffee is what we all consume normally rather than canephora, and it grows at a higher altitude. So with climate change its limiting where we can grow it," said Texas A&M student Bree Salsbury.

Climate change and the lack of advanced research is making it more difficult for coffee farmers to sustain growth and combat diseases such as la roya, a hard to stop fungus that attacks and kills coffee trees.

"The beans are not worth harvesting when the fungus develops because the quality is far too inferior", said Dr. Leo Lombardini director for the Center for Coffee Research and Education.

The center hopes to educate students and continue research in order to improve the quality and supply of coffee globally.