DALLAS -- As his family prepares to bury 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, the national spotlight is shining brightly on his case, increasing the calls for the arrest of former Balch Springs Police Officer Roy Oliver.

You didn't have to know Jordan Edwards to mourn the way his young life was taken.

As the story of his death has traveled, celebrities like Viola Davis have tweeted his name. People miles away from Dallas County have shared the number of the district attorney's office, encouraging people all over the world to call and demand Oliver be charged.

The frustration is more personal for Tracy and Bill Foster, whose kids grew up with Edwards.

"In fact he was at my house playing basketball two days before he got killed," said Tracy.

Edwards went to a party in Balch Springs Saturday night, as many kids do every weekend. Only Edwards was killed at the hands of now-former Officer Oliver, who police say opened fire as the car the teen was in tried to drive away from the party.

"A movement requires sacrifice, and I’m ready to do whatever I need to do to get this stuff to stop, for them to stop killing our babies," said Bill Foster.

The Fosters' personal movement started Wednesday night at a community prayer service at Dallas' Agape AME Church. Their questions come from pain and frustration. Not only why him, but why again? Why still?

"He committed murder, and he should be charged with murder against this poor baby," said Tracy.

As the pressure for further punishment beyond firing grows, so do the prayers from this group calling for justice, patience, and for no more lives lost like this.

An arrest or criminal charges would only come as a result of the investigations currently underway in the DA's office and the Dallas County Sheriff's Office.

In a statement, Sheriff Valdez said there were more than 100 people involved in the scene of Edwards' death. They're still identifying many of them and need to conduct interviews.