LA PORTE, Texas - The mother of a teenager beaten in a video on Tuesday that has since gone viral is demanding answers from school officials.

Video of the brutal school fight has been viewed nearly half a million times on Facebook. It shows two La Porte High School students ganging up on another student.

The mother of the teen who was badly beaten wants to know why the fight wasn't broken up sooner.

"The emotions are just everywhere," said Christina Turribiartes. "You don't know whether to be upset, to be mad, to be hurt, you don't know what to even feel."

On the one hand, she said she's proud of her son for not fighting back, but on the other, it pains her to watch the video of her son at the high school.

Some students say the fight was all over a belt.

La Porte Police confirms the video shows the fight that no one breaks up until after another student comes racing down the hallway and tries to intervene.

The Good Samaritan is then wrestled to the ground by another student just before Turribiartes' son is pushed down a flight of stairs.

La Porte Police says the school district is now stepping up its hallway patrol.

But this mother still wonders, "Why did it have to go on so long? They are right outside of a hall where there are classes."

Police tell us they respond to at least a couple of fights here every month but they say it's likely there are even more fights that don't get reported or recorded. That is something Christina says made her take her son out of school.

"If we're gone and it happens to another kid, somebody should try to stop it because it's going to lead up to something far more tragic than what happened to my son," she added.

Christina said she's having a series of CT scans done on her son's brain to make sure there isn't any internal bleeding. She says they're planning to move out of the state soon.

The district says it's reviewing its practices and procedures to see how the fight could have been prevented.