To kick off The University of Texas' first-ever Indigenous People's Week, a local youth chapter, The International Indigenous Youth Council, had their own celebration in southeast Austin, Sunday.

Community members from all over Central Texas were invited to enjoy food, workshops and cultural performances.

This comes just days after Austin City Council passed a resolution to recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day instead of Columbus Day, joining dozens of other cities in the change.

Members of the council say city leaders are taking a step in the right direction, and look at the name change as a small victory, however, the push to get other cities in Texas to follow suit is another challenge

"This is our rebellion, this is our resistance, acknowledging that we are still here. And although we are separated from our ancestors--many of us don't know our ancestors--we know they prayed for us to be here, and to recognize little by little by having this community come together and love each other," Texas Chapter Project Manager Yasmeen Davilia said.

Columbus Day became a federal holiday in 1937. Starting next year city calendars will reflect the name change and say Indigenous Peoples' Day, instead.