"You got the baby? Where are the elderly at? This way? We're going to grab some elderly people."

If you were up in the early morning hours monitoring Twitter as Hurricane Harvey continued to pummel Texas, you may have come across live video of Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo hitting the streets with Houston police officers as they helped stranded residents.

A couple of apartment buildings in Houston were evacuated Saturday night due to heavy flooding. When Acevedo -- Austin's former police chief -- and other officers responded, they had to rescue the most vulnerable.


As Acevedo streamed their response on Periscope, he pleaded with people to listen to warnings.

"Please, please, please stay home," he said via Periscope. "Stay home, stay at work, shelter in place."

Chief Acevedo said most areas of the city are being impacted by flood waters. Hurricane Harvey has already claimed the life of one Houston woman became trapped in her car due to rising waters.