On Wednesday, women across Texas stood in front of an audience to share their stories about abortion.

They're speaking out in response to Gov. Greg Abbott signing new abortion laws after the 2017 legislative session.

The women say if they can't change the laws statewide then they'll start locally, which is why several Austin councilmembers attended the rally at City Hall.

The rallies in Austin, Houston, Dallas and El Paso are part of a new initiative called "Repro Power Texas.”

Texas Senator Kirk Watson showed his support for Repro Power Texas Wednesday, tweeting out a picture with a feminist t-shirt and a link to the new website.

“It's all just a normal part of life. We don't need to be shy about it,” one of the attendees told KVUE.

"It's just healthcare that several people in your life will probably have in their lifetime,” explained Aimee, who asked us not to use her last name.

Aimee spoke about her decision to get an abortion when she was younger. She shared her experience for the first time with the crowd outside City Hall.

"I want people to hear my story so that one day, maybe they can tell their own,” she explained. "I think it's unfortunate we're living in this state right now."

While abortion is legal, Aimee says in Texas it’s so regulated it’s nearly impossible for women to get one.

"It's a right in name only and not in actuality and I think that's a problem," she said.

Aimee's father was an abortion provider in South Texas, she says “He would probably be appalled that we're going backward in time. Abortion has become virtually inaccessible to a lot of the most marginalized communities."