An Australian woman is bringing her message of self-acceptance to Austin.

Taryn Brumfitt is sharing her documentary, "Embrace." It follows her journey as she explores the global issue of body loathing.

"We live in a world that really throws a lot of toxic messages our way," Brumfitt said. "Change your weight -- defy the lines on your face -- fight the signs of ageing."

Brumfitt isn't holding back on how she feels about the multi-billion dollar industries banking on beauty.

"The messages are coming at us thick and fast," she said. "They truly are putting profits before people and they're doing such a disservice to humanity."

Brumfitt sources a "" body image study that found 91 percent of women are not completely happy with the way they look.

"So many women -- and men too -- are anchored down by these negative thoughts," Brumfitt said.

Just a few years ago, Brumfitt was one of those women..

"I hated my body after I had my three kids children and I wanted to fix it," she said.

She thought about surgery before deciding to make a change the old-fashioned way.

"I trained to get it and I lost a ton of weight," Brumfitt said.

She eventually even competed in a figure competition, but for some reason she still couldn't find happiness or acceptance. She decided to make a change again. This time, it was a mental one.

"I told myself instead of chasing and desiring this perfect bikini body, I'm going to be more present in my body and just embrace how it is and how it wants to be," Brumfitt said. "When I learned to love my body it was like winning the golden ticket."

Brumfitt has now made it her life goal to share this with realization with other women. She has even posted tasteful nude photos of herself.

"It empowers women to take back control," she said.

In her documentary "Embrace," which has debuted in several cities across the country, she travels the world to share her story in hopes of turning body haters into body lovers.

"I tell women you can live in a body with some cellulite or some stretch marks," she said. "You can still live in that body and be really happy with it. I'm asking women to make the commitment to embrace. And that means being a little bit kinder to themselves -- to stop judging themselves -- stop judging others and know that we are all in this together."

Brumfitt said life is short and it's so much better when you embrace it.

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