Back to school photos aren't just for your kids. Now your dogs can take them, too.

An Austin photographer is creating a dog yearbook for charity. Through September, Krista Allenby of Ruff Adventures will be photographing dogs for the 2017 to 2018 "Ruff High" yearbook.

"I got the idea driving in Austin traffic and heard something about back to school sales and I thought it'd be really funny to photograph a back to school project," Alleby said. "I'm going to be photographing dogs of Austin and beyond."

The plan is to shoot at least 400 portraits. Owners get to pick their background and the dogs will be separated by class based on their age. Long-stay shelter dogs will make up the staff and faculty to help put a spotlight on them to get adopted.

Once all the portraits are done, the yearbooks will be put together. Allenby then plans to sell them. She'll be giving the proceeds to two charities. One is Bailing Out Benji, while the other has not yet been finalized.

"Their mission is to end puppy mills," Allenby said. "My goal is to bring our awesome dog community together to help other dogs."

If you're interested in including your dog in the yearbook, Allenby is taking submissions. The cost is $99. That includes a 20-minute session, inclusion in the yearbook and your own copy. Go here to schedule an appointment. Here's her Facebook event page.