Pearl Moen, the woman convicted of stabbing a woman 21 times in Hyde Park in 2015, was denied parole on Thursday.

The Department of Criminal Justice noted that her parole was denied because her record indicated that, "the instant offense has elements of brutality, violence, assaultive behavior, or conscious selection of victims' vulnerability indicating a conscious disregard for the lives, safety or property of others, such that the offender poses a continuing threat to public safety."

Her next parole review date is slated for November 2018.

The victim of Moen's attack recently pleaded for the community's help in keeping the attacker, who wrote about the attack in her diary, behind bars.

"Very descriptive thoughts that she has concerning the before, during and after -- about how it gave her an electric high unlike any other," the victim said. "They deemed that she knew what she was doing. She was fully aware. She had talked about wanting to harm someone before."

The victim said she was lying on a blanket in the Hyde Park neighborhood waiting for her friend when the attack happened.