A 24-year-old woman is accused of robbing and punching a cab driver after a dispute over the fare.

According to the affidavit for Alyssa Cochran, she and a man hailed the cab from a home in Kyle and asked how much the fare would be to Austin. After the cab driver said the cost would be determined by the meter, Cochran and the other man got in the cab.

The two asked the driver to go to numerous locations before they finally asked to go to the ARCH on East 7th Street. At that point, the meter was at $54.

The driver, who suspected that they were going to leave the cab without paying, told police he asked the two about the payment while they were at the intersection of Interstate 35 and Cesar Chavez Street.

The driver and the woman started arguing when she told him she did not have enough to cover the cost. The driver told police he then told them he was "driving to the police station to sort the matter out."

When they reached 7th Street, Cochran managed to take $15 in cash in the cab and his keys before getting out. When the driver got out of the vehicle to get his keys back, Cochran allegedly punched him in the temple. The driver drove off and flagged down an officer to explain what happened.

The driver was later able to identify Cochran as the woman who allegedly robbed him.