Monday marked Day 21 of the Texas Legislative Session and lawmakers have not sent any bills to the Governor's desk for approval.

Texas lawmakers essentially had to return to the Capitol for a Special Session because they failed to pass a sunset bill to keep a handful of state agencies, including the medical board, operating during the Regular Session.

Lawmakers in both the House of Representatives and Senate were confident they could get that bill passed in a few days and they did. But neither chamber has voted on the other's sunset bill, or any other bill for that matter.

The House started discussing Senate Bill 6 Monday. The bill requires cities hold elections for communities they want to annex to let the residents decide if they want to be annexed. But Representative Joe Moody (D-El Paso) successfully raised a point of order against the bill, making the bill ineligible for a vote.

Another factor in the slow pace of the chambers is the growing tension between Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and Speaker of the House Joe Straus (San Antonio). Both are republicans, but with different priorities.

Monday the Senate recessed until 10:00 am Thursday, which will be day 24 of the 30 day long Special Session.

Lawmakers do receive a per diem while in session of $190 each. That's costing taxpayers $34,580 for each day they are in the Special Session.