According to a recent Reddit post published Thursday, South Austin has a new resident and he's quite the celebrity.

It appears Wilson the world's most famous volleyball, last seen floating away from Chuck Noland's (Tom Hanks) makeshift raft in the movie "Cast Away," somehow found his way to Austin.

Head to the corner of Alpine Road and Wilson Street, look up and you'll find his new home -- he's strapped to the street sign bearing his name.

Hello from South Austin.

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OK, so he's probably not one of the actual volleyball props from the movie (one of which was reportedly sold at an auction for $18,500), but to some, he's definitely a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

"Fantastic," wrote Redditor ATXNYCESQ. "Love this town. :)"

"Keepin [sic] it weird, weird it forward yo," said Flipflopforager.

As for how get got up there all covered in tape, well that remains a mystery. And as for how and when he'll be ripped down...

"Wilson, I'm sorry!!!"