Texan and country music legend Willie Nelson, abruptly ended a concert just one song in after a coughing fit, according to the The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The "Shotgun Willie" singer had just started performing his opening song on Jan. 6 at the Harrah's Resort in SoCal in San Diego, when he suddenly began coughing, and had difficulty breathing, fans said.

The 84-year-old star either had "a bad cold or the flu,"and is recovering at his home in Spicewood, Texas, his publicist told the Union-Tribune. The shows for the rest of the week have also been canceled, giving Nelson time to recover.

According to an email from the ticketing agency, fans will receive automatic refunds.

Nelson is expected to return to the stage Feb. 7, in Georgia.

This is the third time Nelson has cut concerts short.

In Aug. 2017, Nelson canceled a show in Salt Lake City due to breathing problems from the city's high altitude, and in Feb. 2017, he canceled a couple tours while dealing with an unspecified illness.