For those of you in Williamson County wondering when Santa's sleigh will be coming to town Christmas Eve, your sheriff's got you covered.

In a thorough YouTube video posted Dec. 17, Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody announced a new "Santa Sighting" task force.

At this time, Chody said Santa and his elves are keeping their lips sealed on his delivery schedule, according to PIO elf at the North Pole. But as part of the task force, Williamson County deputies who are working on Christmas Eve will secure the perimeter of the county and keep their eyes peeled for Santa and his reindeer.

Once Santa makes his way into the county, deputies will immediately dispatch his whereabouts. From there, Chody will share the news with the county's families and children.

So "You better not cry, better not pout," because Sheriff Chody will be telling you when Santa Claus is coming to town.