The Texas State Teachers Association has filed a grievance with the Round Rock Independent School District for approving a plan "which would exempt the district from important education standards, including class size limits and teacher certification requirements," according to a statement from the association.

TSTA General Counsel Russell Ramirez filed the grievance on behalf of Education Round Rock, saying that the "District of Innovation" plan that was approved on Oct. 20 also violated provisions of the Texas Education Code in the development of the plan.

The code requires that two-thirds of the members on the committee that advance the plan to the board must be classroom teachers. TSTA said the Round Rock ISD committee included only four classroom teachers. Code also requires that the three remaining members of the district-level committee be members of the committee. This was not the case in Round Rock, according to TSTA.

Ramirez said that he objects to the plan in general as well.

"... We specifically oppose the waiver of class size limits. Larger classes diminish the amount of education each student receives,” the grievance stated. “We further object to the removal of the requirement that teachers be certified. Certification is a clear indication of competence. It should not be replaced with a system that is arbitrary and subject to cronyism.”

Read the grievance:

District of Innovation Grievance by kvuenews on Scribd