Baylor Scott and White officially opened up their new cancer center for patients in Round Rock, Thursday.

Staff said the facility will help cater to the growing needs of the Williamson County region. Last year, over 6,620 new cancer cases were reported in the area.

The 38,741 square foot facility is the only center located near its medical center in Baylor Scott and White's five county market, making it easier for patients to skip the 45-mile drive to Temple for treatment.

"We're here to help patients and help them on their journey to receive treatments and answer any questions they have. And ultimately just be there for them as an additional part of their team,” Palliative Care Physician
Michelle Owens said.

Patients can have the following access:

-Nutritional support program

- Social work assistance

-Family and patient counseling

-Palliative care

-Oncology survivorship program

-On-site lab services

-Breast cancer center

-Outpatient infusion services

-Oncology Integrative Medical Program

-Oncology-certified nurse-patient navigators

“Being able to have your cancer care close to where you live is imperative, it alleviates the need for travel to and from different locations," Hematologist and Oncologist Dr. Meghan Khan said. “Making the process as streamlined and effortless as possible for the person that is going through it”

The open house will be available Saturday, Sept. 30.