It's estimated last year more than 50,000 Americans died of an overdose.

It's a shocking statistic from the Centers for Disease Control that one organization is trying to publicize.

Saturday afternoon, the LifeSteps Council on Alcohol and Drugs hosted the second annual Williamson County Overdose Awareness Day. Dozens of people gathered at Old Settler's Park in Round Rock to remember those who died of an overdose. Pictures of them were placed on a Memorial Wall.

Donna Connell organized the event after losing her son to an overdose in 2014. She said after his death, she rededicated her life bringing awareness to overdoses.

"I kind of made a commitment to him that I would be his voice and the voice of all the people who have died from an overdose to bring hope and support to their family members because it is a family disease and I absolutely believe it is a disease," Connell said.

There were also several organizations at today's event offering drug addiction and overdose education.

"We are telling people that this is something that can happen to you if you use this drug," Rosanna Sielaff said. "This is something that is going to happen to you if you take this kind of drug. If you create this education probably the person is going to think twice before they do something."