Some of the biggest cold cases in Williamson County may soon get solved on national television.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office signed a two-year contract with New York production company Hit + Run Creative, Inc.

Sheriff Robert Chody told KVUE the company is creating a trailer to pitch to network executives within the next couple of months.

Chody said the show will be an authentic, unscripted look at the department and it could help solve cases.

Earlier this year, Chody recruited retired law enforcement to act as new eyes on some cold cases. The 13 detectives are acting “pro bono” to dig deep and solve high profile cases.

After they started this program, Chody was contacted by seven production crews wanting to share the story and he saw an opportunity

"Even if we get a tip of a suspect we can take off our suspect list that we're not wasting our time on now or add a witness or take away a witness, we've done something - by just using the TV audience,” Chody said.

Chody said the show could add more eyes - possibly the entire nation – to take a fresh look at cold cases

“I think we owe it to the families, I think we owe it to Williamson County, I think we owe it to the detectives who've worked tremendously hard over the years. Again, I don't see any negatives here,” Chody explained.

Chody told KVUE that the county is not getting any money or kickbacks from this - he says the exposure is the reward itself.