About an hour after Greg Kelley's release from the Williamson County Jail, District Attorney Shawn Dick told reporters that the system had failed in this case.

Kelley was sentenced in 2014 to 25 years in prison after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a then-4-year-old boy.

Kelley was released Tuesday afternoon just before 3 p.m. after State District Judge Donna King granted him bond after determining that his due process rights were violated during the 2014 investigation by the Cedar Park Police Department.

"My feeling was all along was this was an utter collapse of the criminal justice system and there were failures at every level - from the investigation to the prosecution to the defense and even to the jury," Dick said. "I feel very strongly that as we sit here, we don't know the answer to whether Greg Kelley is truly innocent or not. We don't know whether the alternate suspects are truly innocent or not - but one thing that I do know is that the system didn't work and we have a responsibility to make sure the system works."

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King granted Kelley's bond weeks after a three-day hearing the first week of August. Dick said he has been impressed with King.

"It's so refreshing to have a judge that pays such attention to every detail and is so methodical and wants to make sure that she's doing the right thing," Dick explained. "This is very important to her and you can tell that in everything she's done."

When asked about the victim and his family, Dick said he had already spoken to them and wanted to keep most of what was said private.

"But the same thing I said before - we failed them," Dick said. "It's important that they understand that this is not their fault. This has nothing t o do with the child.The family they did everything they could. This lies at the foot of law enforcement, the prosecutors and of [Kelley's] defense team."

Dick said his goal is to be honest, transparent and restore the public's faith in the criminal justice system.

"You're never gonna have a case that's beyond all doubt, but we do have to have cases that stand beyond all reasonable doubt," Dick said. "We need investigations that are good, we can't continue to make excuses for investigations and we can't continue to make excuses for bad rulings in cases."

Dick said that there are "three very viable suspects" in the case and that he wouldn't stop until they could prove beyond a reasonable doubt whether each one was guilty or innocent.

"I do want to find the truth and I hope that one day for the child - or potentially children that were involved in this - that we do find the answer for them," Dick said.


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I have been very impr [with judge] so refreshing to ahve a judge that pays such attention to every detail and is so methodical and wants to make sure that hs'es doing the right ting. This is a very difficult decision for her.

This is very imporant to her and you can tell that in everything she's done