The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter said they are getting more animals in than they can adopt out.

Cheryl Schneider, the Director of Animal Services, said while their Thanksgiving weekend specials are over, they plan to continue to have deals through the holiday season to encourage adoptions.

However, she said if people are considering giving a pet as a gift, they should live under the same roof as the potential new owner.

Schneider said the staff works to match the animal’s personality with the family.

“So it’s important to think about that when you come in to adopt,” she said. “Don’t just look at appearances and go ‘Oh that’s a pretty dog, I’m going to take it home.’ It may not have the personality that you need for your life.”

She suggested getting a gift card for someone who may want a pet, so they can still be the one to pick out their new pet.

The shelter also has an option for fostering animals over the holidays.

Schneider said it allows for families to see if the pet fits in their home and lets the animals have a break from the shelter.

She said the holiday fostering program runs through January 2, 2018.