UTSA and Whataburger will work together to provide free mental wellness services for the Sutherland Springs community in the wake of the mass church shooting.

UTSA’s Academy for Crisis and Trauma Counseling will lead the effort, along with community partners.

The Children’s Bereavement Center, The DoSeum and Region 20 Education Service Center will also be involved in specifically addressing the mental wellness needs of children in the Sutherland Springs area.

The Academy will also focus on gathering community members and experts together to develop strategies that can be used to assist other communities who may face similar tragedies and possibly help prevent future tragedies.

Whataburger has pledged $150,000 for the project.

“The horror and sadness has marked our hearts forever, and we’ll never forget those 26 lives ended much too soon. The road ahead is long, but we want Sutherland Springs to know we’re with them,” said Tom Dobson, Whataburger Chairman. “We’re fortunate to have the best minds in the nation right here at UTSA’s Academy for Crisis and Trauma Counseling, and appreciate their willingness to help this community heal.”