Photos capture memories and often times they're moments you can't get back.

Chad Daoust and his wife Kimberly know this very well. They have many photos of them in Las Vegas during the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

Sometimes he thinks about how the photos could have been the last ones taken of him. Daoust was one of many people shot and injured.

"I heard four or five shots. Most say it sounded like fireworks, which it did. I looked at Jason Aldean and he kind of had the same look I did. He looked up at the sky and you could almost sense it wasn't a part of his show," Daoust said.

Daoust says at first he thought the shots were coming from the crowd, The group decided not to run due to the chaos

"I think it was the third round of automatic fire when we were on the ground and I was covering my wife and our two friends when I was shot," Daoust said.

Daoust said the bullet hit the ground first before entering his torso. Daoust' wife and their friends were not injured.

An X-ray showed the bullet fragments still in his body.

"Most are embedded in my muscle that will eventually be surrounded by scar tissue," Daoust said.

The physical wound has healed but there's one you can't see.

Daoust said the emotional trauma is there every day.

"I had a dream last week after going back to Vegas, I remember waking up at 3 a.m. Vegas time with sounds of gunshots there weren't any outside but's that's the dream I was having."

Daoust and his family are in counseling and he's even a part of a support group for victims and survivors of the Vegas shooting. He knows his life has an even greater purpose now and he plans to fulfill it.

"I don't think we will find a motive. I don't think we'll find the reason why, and with that my wife and I are positive people, wake up each morning prise the lord and we are blessed to be here," Daoust said.

Fifty-eight people were killed and more than 400 were wounded.