Thanks to KVUE viewers at home, Moses West is closer to helping hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. But he still needs our help in funding his efforts to make that happen.

He's the Army ranger who has technology to capture a large amount of clean, usable water from the air to help people around the world, and he wants to show it to you before it heads out for its first big mission.

“I hope everybody comes out here and has a conversation with me about this technology and drink the water, take bottles of, it and see how it works so you can fully understand it,” said West. “This is important to me because I want them to see. I want them to have this conversation so that they can understand about the third source of water -- the most abundant pure source of water.”

Before the unit heads to the port of Houston to ship to Puerto Rico, it’s stopping here in Austin so that anyone can go and see how it works, get a tour and ask questions.

“To get the machine to Puerto Rico will probably only take two days,” said West. “Shipping the unit to Puerto Rico is one thing, but then when you get it there it has to go to the correct place. I need to go do my own ground recon, meet with the people who are receiving the machine, and check the roads where the machine needs to go, check the pad, and I need to do that on my own.”

One machine can make 8,400 liters of water a day depending on weather conditions. It uses the hydrologic cycle to remove moisture in the air to produce water.

If you want to see how Moses' technology works for yourself, we invite you go visit him this weekend at the VFW post 8787. This is your chance to see the machine and get your questions answered before it heads to Puerto Rico.