In new dash cam video obtained by KVUE News, the Austin police sergeant who was possibly poisoned by carbon monoxide in a patrol car in March can be heard talking about his symptoms with a colleague.

In the video, which was obtained Tuesday, Sgt. Zachary Lahood said to his colleague, "Hey, do me a favor Brian. I told you I can’t smell right? Hop in my driver’s seat and see if you can smell. I almost hit the road twice and I feel like I’m going to get sick."

The colleague then said to Lahood, "You're smelling exhaust? Want me to have somebody come check you out?"

"No, man," Lahood is heard saying in the video. "I just need fresh air. I started having headaches, and I was like I can't read. I'm like what the (expletive) man."

He later said in the video, "I couldn't run right now if I tried."

You can watch the nearly 20-minute video below.

WARNING: The following video has some explicit language.

After this officer's experience, another officer was possibly exposed to the poisonous gas in a patrol car. Between July 7 and July 10, five more Austin police cars were reported for possible carbon monoxide.