When envisioning Black Friday in the United States, crowds of people storming stores to get door-busting deals come to mind.

But does that type of imagery translate to the rest of the world?

According to BBC reporter Frankie McCamley, not quite.

In a video she posted at 1:15 a.m., a man -- not a crowd -- can be seen walking into PC World in London for the opening of Black Friday.

Unamused, the single customer power-walks into the store without any questions.

McCamley tweeted, "And the doors are open.... the rush came and went (quickly) #BlackFriday @BBCLondonNews @BBC_HaveYourSay."

McCamley said the reason the rush was so quick was because the customer, named Marcel, only went in to pick up his pre-ordered laptop.

The post went viral, being retweeted 12,000 times and liked 27,000 times.

The video was reposted as "incredible Black Friday madness" on Reddit, and sarcasm (i.e. shade) quickly ensued.

Many Redditors said Black Friday isn't as big for Canada and Europe as it is for the U.S. Some also hinted that the lackluster Black Friday opening could also be due to retail changing in the digital age.

Either way, the video is a hilarious account that not all U.S. traditions carry the same weight in other countries.