The cold did not stop some brave folks from gathering at Vic Mathias Shores Sunday night to ring in 2018.

There, city hosted its New Years Eve celebration.

KVUE asked some of those attending what 2017 was like for them.

"It was a great year,” said Yowed Anise. “We have this baby here. Zed. It's a product of 2017. Despite whatever challenges we might have had. This was a really great reward."

Some described 2017 in pretty poetic terms.

"This year was the biggest rollercoaster of ups and downs and turns and spins,” said Joshua Sanchez, visiting from San Antonio to see his girlfriend.

Others looked on the bright side.

"I finally got to see snow in my life!" said 9-year-old Michael Anderson. “Nine years since my birth, it hasn't snowed in Austin in 9 years! It's amazing how long it took to snow."

Malia Green, another elementary-aged child, described the year as awesome.

"I got a baby brother,” she said. "He's sometimes loud ... He's cute.”

Looks like many Austinites like to keep it optimistic.