Foster kids in Central Austin will get the chance to go to an outdoor camp this weekend and for many, it will be the first time.

The non-profit Austin Angels is teaming up with the YMCA to offer the kids a day at camp Saturday in Buda.

Wednesday, volunteers packed bags full of toys, candy, and t-shirts for the campers.

Since it can be difficult for foster parents to send kids away to summer camp due to restrictions, these volunteers say they want to bring the camp to them.

“A lot of them have never even gone to camp before,” said Hannah Crow with Austin Angels.

There will be a variety of activities for the children such as kayaking, archery, face painting, and even a bounce house.

"Having them have this opportunity is huge, simple things like just getting their face painted, and laughing and being able to just forget that they're not with their parents during this time,” said Crow.

"So much of their life ends up being kind of just getting through the day, and so to have a day where it was just all about them, all about having fun and all about celebrating who they are is just something we wanted to be a part of,” said Zach Lambert, the pastor at Restore Austin Church.

Crow said they wanted to do the camp this weekend since many of these foster kids also can't go anywhere for spring break.

“These kids don’t have usually something to do over spring break, and even the parents that could take their kids have to get a lot of approvals and it can be really difficult to try to plan things,” said Crow.

If you want to volunteer, you can sign up on the Austin Angels website.