After finding an unknown male in his home attempting an apparent robbery, the victim said he was offered his items back and a $100 reward if he let the suspect go.

The victim reported that he came back to his home on Walkup Lane Thursday to find various items out of place and heard a noise upstairs. He said he then observed a man he had never seen before standing at the top of the stairs.

Police reports indicate that the victim approached the suspect, later identified as 19-year-old Jose Castaneda, and grabbed him. Castaneda, also known as Jose Adrian Castaneda-Salcedo, reportedly told the victim he could have his belongings back and that he would even pay the victim $100 to let him leave.

Police said Castaneda dumped out the backpack he was wearing, which contained various items that belonged to the victim such as a bottle of alcohol, an old phone in a phone box, a bottle of cologne and a pair of binoculars.

Court documents state that the victim proceeded to strike the suspect and held him down until police arrived. Police said that once Castaneda was searched, more of the victim’s belongings were found in his possession including a bottle of prescription medicine belonging to the victim’s mother, some Pokémon cards and an earring.

Also in the suspect’s possession was a small pry bar, police said, which Castaneda reported he used at work. Police said the back door of the residence was found open with some scratch marks that match attempts to pry the door open.

According to his affidavit of arrest, Castaneda reported that he was skating by when he noticed the door was open. He did not say how he came into possession of any of the items.

Castaneda was charged with unlawful use of a criminal instrument and burglary of a residence.