There's still a lot we don't know about the deadly stabbing on University of Texas at Austin's campus. But both the Austin Police Department and the UT Police Department cleared up some misconceptions and rumors Tuesday after a press briefing.

Rumors are swirling on social media about stabbing suspect Kendrex White's motive. Many are posting on social media that White was targeting Greek life members when he allegedly went on a stabbing spree.




KVUE's Amber Downing sought out to verify these rumors.

At a news conference Tuesday, UT Police Chief David Carter clarified that it didn't appear fraternity brothers were specifically targeted.

"We can't find anything to suggest that he was targeting fraternities -- or any other group -- other than he had a history," Carter said. "There was a lot of information that was floating around on social media regarding that people were being targeted because they had Greek letters on their shirts."

Chief Carter said the attack seemed random and that there was no way White could have known the four victims were in fraternities based on their appearances.

"None of the victims in this case had anything that would indicate they were members of a fraternity," Carter said.

Watch the full press briefing here:

We can verify White's motive was not to target frat members.

White may have been suffering from mental health issues. Go here for what we know so far about the deadly stabbing.

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