A Reddit.com post on Tuesday posed an interesting question: "Why is the evening rush hour so much worse than morning rush hour?"

User "robotjosh" added that they'd looked up Google Maps information and noticed longer commutes in the evening.

While the numbers for actual comparison are being prepared, a spokesperson with the Austin City Department of Transportation was able to confirm the question, saying that evening rush hours are indeed worse.

Their explanation: In the evening hours, cars and commuters tend to be coming from more condensed areas and try to hit the roads in a very short span of time.

In the mornings, by comparison, commuters all leave their homes at different times. Even if they're trying to get to work at the same hour, they will have varying commute lengths, and therefore hit the major thoroughfares at different times.

The City Transportation Department spokesperson also added that drivers can help minimize the painful traffic. Telecommuting, flexing commute hours around and trying to carpool when possible can help ease traffic pains.

To see a visual explanation using some toy cars and editing magic, watch the attached video.