Thursday is the deadline for immigrants to apply to renew for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA program.

Leading up to the deadline, organizations have been pushing to raise money to cover application fees. Members of the University Democrats are providing help by holding a bake sale on campus.

The organization has been putting the events on weekly, collecting 500 dollars to cover the fees for one person. This adds to the pool from major groups such as United We Dream, a group that has already raised enough funds for nearly 1,000 applicants.

"I think one person's application is not enough. I think we need more, and we are going to continue to have fundraisers and different events trying to just help the recipients out, for them it's the most unfair--it really is,” University Democrats member Eric Gamble said.

The money provided to University Democrats will be given to the Equal Justice Center, a non-profit law firm and employment justice organization that assists low-income families, workers, and communities.

“It warms my heart that these people are going out of their way, sitting out here in heat collecting money for people they don't even know,” UT student Kennedy Quintanilla said. “So, that's what I think what we need, more of this positive change and action.”

To learn more about the DACA assistance, tap here.

For information on Equal Justice Center, tap here.