A University of Texas at Austin professor has confirmed to KVUE that he received a postcard Monday with anti-Semitic slurs.

Sanford “Sandy” Levinson, 75, has been a professor of government and law at UT for 36 years. The postcard – which seems to have been sent from England -- was sent to Harvard Law School where he is currently a visiting professor.

The writer of the postcard uses crude and offensive language, which has been blacked out below. The writer references a Donald Trump campaign slogan and states, “We’re gonna drain the swamp at Harvard Law.” The writer then signs off with “Juden raus!,”a Nazi-era phrase that means “Jews out!”

Levinson, who has written various opinion articles for publications, said he’s “received my share of hostile emails responding to things I’ve published, but nothing like this in terms of its raw anti-Semitism.”

While Levinson said he doesn’t think the writer of the postcard represents the “’typical Trump voter,” he said he believes the election has liberated part of Trump’s base to “feel empowered to speak in ways that haven’t been part of American public talk in decades.”

Levinson -- who said he contacted Martha Minow, the dean at Harvard, and Harvard police – said his reaction was “a kind of bemusement.”

“It was obviously horrible in its sentiments, but why would someone presumably from the UK bother sending me such a postcard?” Levinson said.

When KVUE called Harvard University police, they said they could not comment on the report.