One month after the death of Alfred Lockett -- the man gunned down in a CVS parking lot in what police are calling an act of road rage -- his family is still trying to find ways to heal. Loved ones paid tribute to Lockett in a special flag raising ceremony at the University of Texas where he worked Friday morning.

“As the flag went up, of course, the tears started flowing,” said Lockett’s mother, Marjorie Hutchinson. “I was thinking of him and wondering what would he be thinking now.”

Alfred, better known as Andre to his family, was in ROTC in college. His family knew what the ceremony would mean the world to him.

"He would be happy, he would be probably smiling, and I would like to remember him like that,” Hutchinson said.


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She said as police continue their investigation, she is focusing on healing, still battling the pain of losing her only son.The 48-year-old’s mother turns to her faith to get her through the day, praying for strength.

“I don’t get his calls, I don't get him to come, I don't get his hugs -- his silliness and his seriousness -- and so all of that was taken,” she said as she held back tears once more.

After the ceremony, the family was invited for a luncheon with Lockett's coworkers, part of the IT department at the university. Hutchinson believes the bonds created between his colleagues is now stronger than ever, saying they've become closer.

As for Lockett's accused shooter -- 18-year-old Juan De Dios Carbajal-Jaimes -- a warrant for his arrest is still active. He is not in custody, but faces a first-degree murder charge.

"I'm not angry [at Carbajal Jaimes], I'm not going to waste my energy on him," Hutchinson added.

The family said he fled the city and the search continues.

“There are a lot of questions -- unanswered questions -- and answers we will probably never get,” said Lockett’s aunt Brienda Lockett Middelton.