Many undocumented immigrants in the Austin area have been busy preparing for a worst-case scenario, filling out legal paperwork in case they are deported.

One business is helping hundreds of families calm their fears by providing free services.

On the "Day Without Immigrants," Exacta Bookkeeping and Tax Services offered a "Designation of Guardianship" document for free notarization that would designate someone in the US as their child's caretaker if the parents are deported or detained.

"For protection," said one of the immigrants at the business who goes by the name Gina. "Because of the situation we're going through right now."

She said getting deported would be "catastrophic."

So Exacta is offering the document, and the owners say it will be honored at many offices.

Alma Gutierrez said they called Austin ISD and Round Rock ISD and some hospitals to help families have a plan of action.

"It's the process that needs to get done to have the security that you will see your children," said another undocumented mother who goes by the name Pati. "They come from school scared, they eat with fear, they sleep with fear. And so it's something we need to talk about, calm them down, tell them about the process we're going to follow – that we're not going to leave them."