An APD officer shot a dog after it attacked a child and the officer in South Austin Tuesday evening.

APD said they received a call shortly after 6 p.m. that a dog was attacking a child near the intersection of Powell Circle, near South First Street. When officers arrived they began to give first aid to the girl while paramedics were on their way.

While the officers were helping the girl, the dog came back and attacked an officer.

The officer fired his gun at the dog. A bullet fragment bounced off the sidewalk and hit the other officer.

Both officers were transported to nearby hospitals and the child was transported to Dell Children's Medical Center. None of the injuries were life-threatening.

The officer struck by the bullet fragment is now home and recovering, APD said Wednesday. The officer who was bitten by the dog is currently on administrative leave, which is protocol when an officer intentionally fires his gun. The girl is doing well and in stable condition, but suffered "multiple bites all over her body," according to APD.

"To have a dog that attacks an individual is not so uncommon, but this level of aggressiveness...that's pretty uncommon," APD said Wednesday.

The dog did not survive.

The breed of the dog is unknown.

APD said that CPS is investigating the circumstances surrounding the dog attacking the girl.