Two credit card skimmers were found in Georgetown on Thursday, according to the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Credit card skimmers use an electronic method to capture personal information from the cards during a transaction. Skimmers are a growing problem at Texas fuel pumps.

The latest credit card skimmers were found at the Berry Creek Food Store located at 30713 Chi Chi Drive in Georgetown, Texas. They were discovered after TDA inspectors responded to a complaint there.

TDA notified the Austin Police Department and officers were dispatched to the scene to remove the devices.

"The fuel station was unaware of the device's presence and is not implicated in any illegal activity with regards to this device," the TDA said in a statement.

Customers are encouraged to be aware at the pump.


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If customers come across a credit card scanner that looks like it has been tampered with, they should move to another pump or pay inside. If customers see fraudulent charges on their account, they should contact their bank immediately.